Bride and Groom; Meaning and Their Functions

Bride and Groom

What’s a wedding without a bride and a groom? Just another party. It’s not to say parties are not fun
though, but then I’ll be talking to you about the bride and groom. A most unusual topic, I know. You’d reason that all there’s to be known about these people are already known right? Maybe and maybe not.

We all know that the lady about to be married or shortly after being married is called the bride. And the man is called the bridegroom or the groom for short. These two are the most important people at a
wedding, without them there’s no wedding. These two people have their separate roles and
responsibility in a wedding ceremony and that’s what we’re going to be looking at. We are looking at
this from the point of view of a heterosexual couple.

Role of the Bride groom

He’s the one who proposes, that is most of the time. Of course there have been exceptions to this rule
especially in modern day. Most of the time though, the groom to be in this case proposes, the bride to
be accepts, and then they start to plan the wedding.

Choosing His Groomsmen

Ever saw the movie the Wedding Ringer staring Kelvin Hart, Cuoco Hailey, I think that’s her name and one popular chubby white guy (I can’t visit Google now). Well the point I’m trying to make now is that choosing the groom’s men is not always as easy as one might think; at least Wedding ringer tells us that. So the groom will choose his groom’s men.

Guest List

Everyone is actually to be involved in making the guest list. The groom has people who are close to him, whom he’ll like to be at the wedding. He will responsible for making this list. Later he together with his wife will also get to look through the RSVP, to make sure they know who to expect and who not too.

Planning the Honeymoon

Traditionally, it’s the role of the groom to plan the honeymoon as a surprise to his bride, and of course
pay for it too.

Take care of Family

Sometimes there may be drama during, after or prior to the wedding. The groom should handle his
family members and the drama that might come with them.

Responsibility of the Bride

Basically the bride is usually the one who pours herself into weddings. If the groom doesn’t help, lots of brides due to the excitement of getting married will do everything, including track down missing RSVPs. The lady should of course be responsible for her bridal train, and putting her family in check if it ever gets to that.

Bride and groom walking on forest pathway photograph

Who Pays for the Wedding?
Traditionally the bride’s family foots the bills for the wedding. However, it’s 2020, and most couples pay for their wedding themselves. Well meaning family members and friends though can also help.
The person who usually needs help is usually he bride to be. It’s going to be in the wisdom of the groom to assist her in whatever way that he can. He wants his bride feeling fresh and energetic for the celebration.

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