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Low Budget Wedding Venues

Best Low Budget Wedding Venues Ideas

Low Budget Wedding Venues are no doubt an affordable option for the new couples. Because your wedding budget can either make or break you so be careful while planning for it. And, the most crucial part of the list is the choice of the wedding location. However, it can be one of the costliest parts so rely on low budget venues. It is an affordable option and will make your wedding a memorable event. But if you can’t find a suitable place then consider using these ideas.

Best Low Budget Wedding Venues Ideas
Best Low Budget Wedding Venues Ideas

Low Budget Wedding Venues

The Courthouse

The courthouse is the best low budget wedding venues to celebrate your big day. You can plan the day at either county clerk’s offices or city halls. It costs little and in some areas you don’t even have to spend a penny, its free. However, such venues have guest limitations. Not more than 5 to 10 guests can join your wedding, which in turn additional costs from the budget.

So, if you want to invite only some close friends and relatives on your big day then choose the courthouse as a venue.

At Home

Among all options of Low Budget Wedding Venues, this is the potentially free, and comfortable spot. A friend’s residence, house backyard, guest house or a neighboring property will cost you less. You have to arrange tables, chairs, decoration, dinnerware and other items for planning.

Hotel Rental As Low Budget Wedding Venues

In case your home does not have enough space to accommodate the guests, then hotel rental homes are suitable. They offer ample space and privacy. Moreover, the location of rental apartments is appropriate. You can book a rental home near beaches, or hills for a week or a few days. The price of booking depends on what time of year you are booking. The cost may be a bit high for a few locations.

Beaches And Parks

Parks and beaches are perfect Low Budget Wedding Venues. Some of them are free, while others may cost you a few hundred dollars. However, you have to take an event permit so that you don’t face any legal issues.

Low Budget Wedding Venues Tips To Save More

Here are a few tips to save extra bucks on the wedding.

Best Low Budget Wedding Venues Ideas
Best Low Budget Wedding Venues Ideas

Ceremony And Reception

Choose a place where you can host both events. It will save your money on rent and transportation between the two locations.


Go for negotiation with the manager as some of the venues waive the fee on accommodation charges.

Guest List

Keep your guest list small, which will automatically cut the budget amount. Moreover, you don’t have to rent an ample space if you invite fewer guests.

Off-Peak Time

An off-peak time is right to get some concession because there will be less booking on that day or season.

Blank Spaces In Low Budget Wedding Venues

In case you are booking a location where you will need to bring everything, then calculate the cost beforehand. If it is out of the budget, then prefer sites that provide the basics.

Credit Card

You may get cashback or rewards if you make payment via credit card. So, use cards responsibly.

Take Time

Most importantly, take your time to pick the best Low Budget Wedding Venues.

Your big day not necessarily depends on lots of guests, a luxurious arrangement and a dream location. Therefore, be wise while planning.

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