Wedding Planning Packages: Know Its Types

Wedding Planning Packages: Types

Different kinds of wedding planning packages are available today. Wedding planning includes working with the bride and groom to choose from everything from attire to ceremony and reception venues, food, music, and food. Further, the wedding planning industry is most significant in the USA, India, Western Europe, and China.

Therefore, it gets tough to choose from. However, we have established a special list containing all the packages for you.

Wedding Planning Packages: Know Its Types
Wedding Planning Packages: Know Its Types

Types Of Wedding Planning Packages Are:

The Essential Package – Wedding Planning Packages

This package is designed for couples who need assistance in every little part of their wedding. Therefore, this package helps to convert your ideas into reality within your budget.

Further, in this package, each event organized will be as per your instructions. Under this package, a one-hour discussion is done to decide upon the budget and design. Moreover, the preparations start eight weeks before your wedding day. Also, you will have assistance on your wedding day to take up all your instructions.

However, the price of this package varies as per your requirements.

Day-Of Coordination

Wedding Planning Packages: Know Its Types
Wedding Planning Packages: Know Its Types

This package is for those couples who have everything planned out but need someone to execute their plans. Moreover, under this package, the preparations start two weeks prior to your wedding day.

Further, everything will be as per your specifications and requirements. A reference list for vendors is also given under this package. Moreover, site inspections are also done before the wedding date. Further, they provide a rehearsal for the wedding.

This package starts from the dollar 1750.

The Absolute Package

The Absolute wedding package is an all-inclusive and most popular wedding planning service. Since it includes, everything you need.

Moreover, this wedding planning package is best suited for couples who are busy and want an ideal wedding. However, they do not have time to plan and execute their vision into reality. Under this package, every little thing will be done by the planners, and you can sit back and relax.

Further, a discussion is done for planning the budget and design of the wedding. Also, you are provided with every detail of the wedding planning by the planner via e-mail or phone to keep you updated.

Moreover, gift hampers for your guests are also designed in this package. Also, they will create your honeymoon package as per your demand. However, it is a customized package, so the price varies accordingly.

A La Carte Services

Under this package, you can choose among the various services provided and decide which all services you wish to take. This package is best suited for the couples who have everything planned but need assistance over certain things.

Therefore, you can choose among various services like wedding theme, wedding destination, gift hampers for guests and family, dress guidance, decoration of honeymoon suite or wedding night suite, and other services. Further, the price of the package varies according to your needs and demands.

We hope that you like the article and got the idea about different wedding planning packages.

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