Wedding Plates: Disposable Plates

Wedding Plates: Get Disposable Plates At Low Price

Disposable wedding plates have improved deals and are convenient from the flimsy fare of the past. From backyard BBQs to weddings, the best disposable plates meet your budget, style and eco-friendly for the environment. Disposable plates come a long way through white plates. Today, not only disposable dinnerware made using hard plastic is available at an affordable price but also has beautiful color, design, and shape. Finding the best choice may be confusing, so we have presented three top wedding plates set that will meet your needs the best.

Top 3 Wedding Plates

“OCCASIONS” Wedding Party Plastic Plate

This disposable plastic plate looks like a real Chinese piece. It is ideal for large gatherings like weddings, special events, and holiday purposes. It comes with a fancy and elegant look with most of the convenience. You will get a 120 piece pack that includes 60 pieces of 10.5” dinner plates and 60 pieces with 7.5” dessert/appetizer plates. The color/design may be white along with a silver rim. It is made using high-quality gloss premium disposable plastic. It can be recycled and free from BPA made for single use. Also, it serves well for 60 guests at the wedding party.

The package has dimensions as 12x12x12 inches and weighs 12 pounds. It comes with a warranty period.

600 Piece Dinnerware Silver Set

It is a silver dinnerware set for a wedding or party to 100 guests. It includes 200 white silver plastic plates and 300 silver plastic silverware. Also, you will get 100 silver plastic cups too. This disposable dinnerware has a contemporary, sleek look and sophisticated design. They are perfect for catering and wedding reception events. The polished shine offers an upscale feel and is appropriate for corporate events, formal dinners, holidays, and banquets as well. No matter you are going to a picnic or throwing an informal event, you can use it in both cases.

Each disposable set includes 10.25” dinner plates and 7.5” salad, appetizer or dessert plates. The dinnerware is flatware and heavyweight compared to ordinary utensils and offers a comfortable culinary luxurious experience — the silver plastic set made of high quality that provides tremendous value to all reasons. The material defects allow a 100% money-back guarantee. It will impress the guests with fancy duty silverware sets. The premium quality is durable and resists bending, snapping, and breaking even you can serve meat. You can spend time with your family, friends, and guest more comfortably having the dinnerware set.

“Occasions” Full Tableware Set

Wedding Plates: Get Disposable Plates At Low Price
Wedding Plates: Get Disposable Plates At Low Price

It is a plastic silverware, with rimmed linen feel napkins and tumblers and napkin rings. It is a combo set available in silver and white color. Since high and superior quality material used to make tableware sets, it looks like a Chinese set. It is ideal for holidays, special events, large gatherings, picnic and weddings where you wish to have fancy, convenient disposable utensils.

The combo set serves well to 40 guests with 40 knives, 80 forks, 40 white linen paper dinner napkins, and 40 rimmed clear tumblers. It is available in silver and white color. It is also for single-use and is recyclable.

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